NØK – International Night Culture Conference
08:00 bis 14:30
Von 21-10-19 bis 22-10-19

Hi – and welcome to NØK!

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting Mannheims first „International Night Culture Conference“ at beautiful Alte Feuerwache & Musikpark in Mannheim, Germany on October 21-22, 2019.

Tickets: http://noek-conference.eventbrite.de
Website: https://noek-conference.com


Day 1 – Conference:

At NØK, you will get in touch with night-time culture and economy experts as well as city administration representatives from near and far to meet, discuss and connect! Our conference keynotes & panels will be focussing on the most recent and relevant developments in modern nightlife and urbanism:

The Relevance Of The Night (English)
How has the night changed over the decades? How can we see the relevance of the night as part of our contemporary society and how can we improve its public reception? Can the concept of the 24-hour city also be applied to second cities? What are cultural and economic functions of the night in contemporary society?

Global Night Mayor Movement (English)
How are night mayors able to enhance the quality of communication between city administration, bar & club owners and residents? What is a night mayor’s profile and what can we learn from different approaches around the world? What are current governance structures of the night? And, most of all, do we need night mayors?

Modern Club Culture (English)
What are recent developments in (live) music venues & club culture? What is the public demand? How are clubs nowadays dealing with changing public demands on nightlife and club culture? How can we preserve a culturally diverse and dynamic nightlife in our cities?

Culture In Public Spaces (German)
How can we strengthen the position of arts & culture in free public spaces? What role should the arts and culture play in urban development processes? How can culture become a central aspect and driving force of bigger urban development processes like the BUGA? What are major benefits and obstacles of cultural placemaking?

Day 2 – Workshop:

German / Invitation only

Am zweiten Konferenztag erwartet ausgewählte Kommunen ein Workshop mit VertreterInnen aus Gesellschaft, Politik und Verwaltung, in dem diskutiert und herausgearbeitet wird, welche Ansprüche an die Position eines/einer NachtbürgermeisterIn gestellt werden können und wie diese Position strukturiert und auf die jeweilige Kommune und deren Bedarfe angepasst werden kann.

Interessierte Kommunen melden sich bitte per Mail via kse@startup-mannheim.de an!

We look forward to welcoming you in Mannheim!

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