Allez Hop! Digital Futures in Culture
Von 02-04-19 bis 05-04-19

Allez Hop! is the first French-German Cultural Entrepreneurship Summit held in Mannheim from April 3rd to 5th 2019. Being the first and by now only one of its kind, Allez Hop! is organised by STARTUP Mannheim, the French Embassy in Germany and the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Paris.

Its aim is to strengthen the French-German exchange of entrepreneurs within the culture and creative industries as well as the facilitation of a market entry for German and French start-ups in the respective market. Furthermore, it shall raise awareness for a more intense French-German cooperation within the fields of start-ups, innovation and culture and creative industries along with the launch of tangible cooperation projects.

The first edition of Allez Hop! focuses on Digital Futures in Culture: How does digitisation affect the culture and creative industries in general? How can start-ups be key innovation drivers on the intersection of culture and creative industries and digitisation? These and more topics will be discussed on panels, in workshops, keynotes and round tables at Allez Hop! 2019.

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👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 Panels:
Digital Futures in Culture
Music & Technology
Rethinking the Digital Museum
Audience Development & Participation
Artistic Innovation and Artistic Thinking across different sectors and industries
Transnational collaboration: Opportunities and Obstacles

Lunch Session: Re-Imagining AI
Sharing Strategies: Smart Digital Music Cities

🛠 Workshops:
Round Table Education
How to travel, connect and work in an international environment
Re-Imagining Artificial Intelligence
Public and private funding for culture 1
Design Thinking in a nutshell
Public and private funding for culture 2
New production and business schemes
Legal issues with regard to cross-border activities of cultural and creative companies
Green Shooting & Green Clubbing

🗯 Networking:
FUSO.MA – Eine Region.Eine Vision.Ein Netzwerk.
Netzwerk IHK-Kulturwirtschaft

Abhay Adhikari
Anais Lukacs
Aurelie Paita
Bettina Gardelles
Carl Bergengruen
Catherine Geel
Charles Desservy
Claudia Schwarz
Cliff Fluet
Dirk Dobiey
Dominika Szope
Dominique Laudien
Emmanuel Witzthum
Eric de Rugy
Florian Drücke
Frederic Lapique
Frederic Rebet
Frederick Rousseau
Glenn Handley
Grégoire Harel
Jacob Bilabel
Jana Eske
Jean-Jacques Schaettel
Joëlle Smadja
Laurence Le NY
Laurent Thurnherr
Markus Graf
Martin Zierold
Mateja Bizjak Petit
Michela Magas
Nicolas Parpex
Pascal Brunet
Paul Alibert
Remi Bouton
Roei Amit
Sebastian Hoffmann
Tarik Krim
Thierry Baujard
Ursula Bertram
Vincent Cataignet
Viola Skiba
Yael Eylat van Essen