Facilitating the Entry into the German Market

Getting Started in Mannheim

  • Establishing your company in one of the economically strongest regions in Germany. From Mannheim to Europe!
  • Be where your customers are. In the region interesting partners and customers like corporates and German Mittelstand are situated and willing to collaborate with innovative International Startups.
  • Tight and fruitful Network of Startups. Benefit from a strong network of more than 300 Startups from various sectors.
  • Free Co-Working and Co-Living for up to 3 months. To facilitate your start in Mannheim we offer you a free co-working space and a free living in our Startup Mansion.
  • Get inspired. Regular meetings, events and seminars give you the possibility to dive deep into the startup and corporate network of our region.
  • Tailor-made consulting and individual support by our Re-Location Agent.


Powerful Takeoff in all areas

The life of a successful entrepreneur is not just work, but also about the right place to live. Mannheim offers a wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities, social activities, spare time program and cultural sights. WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar Region

Mannheim is the best location to get started in the German market and grow big in the European Market. Situated in the economic area of Rhine-Neckar, many corporates and enterprises of the German Mittelstand are located here and willing to work together with startups with innovative Business Models, products and services.

In the whole region, we provide you a strong network of business partners, the needed infrastructure to get in touch and to work on joint projects. Especially for B2B-Startups, the region is a promising place to set up their Business as their customers live and work here and they get easy access to them.

Our Startup Ecosystem counts with more than 300 Startups located in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar Region. We provide regular services as law consultancy, easy access to a German bank account, insurance consultancy etc. Furthermore, we have meetings and events connecting the startup scene. Our 8 startup center count with the best infrastructure and industry-oriented clusters of startups.

Female Entrepreneurship

Especially, our startup center gig7 encourages women from all over the world to engage in their own business ideas. Various event formats and support is offered especially for women with the aim to set up their own startup and enterprise.


To be prepared for your stay we offer you a free stay in our Startup Mansion for up to 3 months. It is completely equipped and contains everything you need for a nice stay and feeling at home immediately. Furthermore we support you with authorities’ transitions concerning your individual person, for example the legal aspects of your stay, German classes etc.

Culture and Spare Time

Mannheim is the UNESCO city of music, culture and arts. Explore the Jungbusch, the trendy district in Mannheim, various museums and free events all over the city. It is a cultural and vibrating city, with over 170 nationalities living here together and inspiring one another in the daily lives but also in interesting events and community networks. Many museums and theater offer a cultural look into the German History, Literature and Arts, as well as international exhibitions and concerts. For your stay we prepare informal meetings, as interchanges, pub crawls and clubbing.


  1. Application

The first step is to apply as Startup for the program. Therefore, we want you to fill in the application form below (Link) and sending us the necessary material. Afterwards we will contact you to get to know you, your teams and your goals better.

There are three deadlines per year:

      • 31st March
      • 30th July
      • 30th of November
  1. Boarding Program
    • Three months free co-working in one of our eight Startup Centers.
    • Three months of free living in our Startup Mansion, located in the trendiest district of Mannheim.
    • Regular meetings with interested and interesting corporates, wanting to plan projects with your Startup.
    • Formal and informal meetings within the Startup Community in Mannheim.
    • Individual Expert Support for all your questions: law, foundation, insurances, authority transitions, marketing and sales.

Optional: free participation in one of our accelerator programs.

  1. Decision Period

Those 3 months should help you to define your next goals and make your decision for the powerhouse of Southern Germany. If you do so, we invite you to the Takeoff Program.

  1. Takeoff Program
    • Stable Office in one of our Startup Centers based on your Field or Industry.
    • Support to find a proper apartment in Mannheim for you.
    • Strong network of Startups with regular events, seminars and informal exchanges.
    • Access to our whole network of Experts: lawyers, insurers, marketing & Sales experts.
    • Access to a big ecosystem of corporates and SMEs in the area of Mannheim. Connecting your startup individually with the most promising contacts.

Optional: free participation in one of our accelerator programs.


10 Reasons for establishing your Business in Mannheim

    1. 8 Startup Centers with different Industry-focus
    2. Strong Startup Community with over 300 startups located in Mannheim.
    3. Tailor-made support for startups of all areas and founding phases.
    4. Access to corporates.
    5. Talent Pool and Universities.
    6. Diversity focus in different projects.
    7. Individual support by our relocation agent.
    8. City atmosphere with clubs, parties, events, museums, concerts etc.
    9. Cross Cluster Innovation, combining different industries.
    10. Ideally located and perfect infrastructure.

About Startup Mannheim

It is our mission to dynamically develop Mannheim’s startup eco-system and further push the regional, national and international recognition as a „Startup-City“. To achieve this goal, we create optimal conditions for funding, financing operations, counseling, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and networking. An important location factor is a network of global industry players with close links to mid-tier businesses and universities. BASF, SAP, MVV, Roche, John Deere, Daimler-Benz, Bombardier, Bilfinger or ADM/Wild constitute only a small cross-section of the internationally operating groups in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

mg:gmbh also supports cultural development in the city by coordinating and connecting issues such as startup culture, digitization, art, creative industries and urban society. By doing so we create attractive urban landscapes and neighborhoods that make life really worth living for founders in Mannheim.


Smart Production, Industry 4.0., medical technology, information technologies or virtual reality: Mannheim is a very active player in the most relevant innovation sectors.


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