Much new in the West

Once it was the people’s public bath in the neighborhood, today it is a center for start-ups in the creative and cultural scene. DAS ALTE VOLKSBAD in Neckarstadt West is a hotspot for start-ups that want to get going in the right but also affordable way.

Be it design, film, photography, the media or any activities connected– the neighborhood-based creative center offers a launching pad at reasonable conditions for the initial and advanced phase of a start-up. The network provides room for a variety of different interactions: There are about 25 tenants, all creative and culturally interested, who live in the landmark building. On a total footage of 3,600 ft. you find office space (from 60 to 230 sq. ft.) plus meeting rooms, one seminar room and, of course, broadband IT. “Business & Bildung” start-up experts with many years of experience in consulting, qualification and coaching are standing by to help.


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