Cubex 41

The heart of Medical Technology beats in Mannheim

CCUBEX41, the innovative center for start-ups in the field of medical technology offers everything to ensure the success and growth of a company in this future market.

Located at the site of the Manheim University Clinic, Cubex41 is the hub of a competence network close to people, brands and markets. It is in the vicinity of not only the Mannheim University Clinic, but also the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology (PAMB) and the Institute of Medical Technology.

Ideal for any start-up is the modern infrastructure that ensures perfect development and testing – this also includes access to the intervention room of the future as partner of the research campus M²OLIE. The flexibility of architecture and equipment is another asset, since in the end it is not the size of the rooms that makes your idea great but their equipment that impacts your research quality and your growth.

Here, MedTech start-up and KMU find perfect conditions for good business. Under its slogan „Operation: Future“, the City added medical technology as a major element to its economic development program. This level of involvement is a clear advantage for a successful start, since it ensures comprehensive support and aid by the City.

Homepage: CUBEX41

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