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Mannheim - perfectly located and connected

“Mannheim is geographically extremely well located. No other European city compares to Mannheim when it comes to it’s central location, says Jörg Bernauer from the Mannheim-based IT company Movilizer and he further explains what makes Mannheim so unique: a startup and company location in Germany can hardly be more central.

Hardly 30 minutes to the international Frankfurt Airport and a little over three hours to Paris or Switzerland – other German cities can only dream about this kind of proximity to key locations. Around 250 long-distance trains stop daily at the tracks 1-12 of the modern Mannheim Train Station. Every day, 110,000 passengers get in and out of these trains.

If you prefer driving, use the perfect integration into the north-south Autobahn system with A5 and A6, allowing you to reach Darmstadt or Karlsruhe in just 40 minutes. And in the city where Carl Benz invented the car and Karl von Drais the bicycle, there are 250 kilometers of traffic-free bike paths that, among other things, connect the eight startup centers in the city – available parking guarantee. And if you need to get to Berlin or Hamburg faster: take the plane from the centrally located Mannheim City Airport, operating daily with only one hour flight time to both cities.


Flights Mannheim – Berlin/Hamburg

Train connection Mannheim-Frankfurt Airport

Regional trains and trams Rhein-Neckar





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