Young Innovators Camp 2018

Wanted: Ideas for the mobility of tomorrow – apply now!

If your future contains the mobility of tomorrow, check out the YOUNG INNOVATORS CAMP of the Arnfried and Hannelore Meyer Foundation, which gives away 10,000 EUR for good ideas.

From October 1st to the 31st, people between 18 and 35 years can apply with their ideas and projects on On November 29th and 30th the Heilbronn University hosts an event where experts and thinkers are working on projects around the field of mobility, the results will be reviewed and discussed afterwards with expert support. 

Whether intelligent transport drone swarms are your thing or innovative last-mile vehicles, AI-based fleet control systems or ride service apps, this event is for you and the sky is the limit! And it doesn’t matter if your projects are still in their infancy, already built into prototypes that are being tested or even available on the market. All ideas and projects are welcome to participate.

All costs are covered by the organizers, the rights remain 100% with the startups that participate and 10,000 EUR start budget is distributed among the best teams!

Photo: © YIC

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