Mittelstands: Revealing the Untapped Entry Point into the German Market
16:00 bis 19:00

B-WIP Meetup in Israel

German Mittelstands are highly productive small to medium size companies, which make up more than 99% of German enterprises. In comparison to corporates, Mittlestands have a less hierarchical structure, and are more technology-oriented in their approach, making them an interesting entry point into the German Market.

Startup Mannheim, together with SAP and Start-Up Nation Central, will be hosting MVV, a mittlestand looking for Israeli innovation. With plenty of opportunities for networking, international guests, a peek into upcoming Israel Industry 4.0 events, plus refreshments and a toast for Rosh Hashana – it promises to be a riveting and fruitful event. Get your ticket here


18:00 Gathering & Networking

19:00 Welcome to SAP, and introducing upcoming Industry 4.0 events & the Community

19:15 Jonathan Glick: Mittelstands: Everything You Need to Know About These Medium Sized Giants

19:30 Dr. Robert Thomann, MVV – Mittelstand Needs and Opportunities

19:45 Panel: EOM vs Mittlestand 
Dr. Robert Thomann, MVV
Alexandre Bonay, Siemens

Eitan Elkin, Start-Up Nation Central (moderator)

20:15 Shana Tova L’Chaim & Networking

Looking forward to seeing you at SAP Israel Labs, Dolev Street, Ra’anana, Center District, Israel.