Graduating from secondary school by the age of 17, a bachelors degree by 21 and a masters degree a year later — this is the norm in universities nowadays. Three young founders have made it their goal to help save school graduates and university students from burning out, by creating customized crash courses. Wellcome to the hive of the Studybees.

„To do, what no one else is doing“

The idea is as simple as it is ambitious: creating new connections between commerce, manufacturers and consumers, to offer additional value for everyone. marken mehrwert AG has been based in the technology center MAFINEX in Mannheim since 2012. We met up with members of the Executive Board, Hannah Knoth and Frank Schwarz.


The digital revolution? Is everywhere! Only with well organized change processes can businesses be successful today – and Mannheim start-up PulseShift offers the necessary software for the job: the five former SAP employees have developed an algorithm that creates valuable real-time analyses from survey data for decision-makers.

RoadAds Interactive

Andreas Widmann just started his own firm, RoadAds interactive, in the MAFINEX technology center in Mannheim. The idea? Equipping trucks with ePaper displays to be used as advertising panels that can be digitally and centrally controlled.


Anyone developing software today will most likely not be writing all the code himself. A lot is solved using programming modules, so called open source components. Taking this fact into account Robert Reiz from Mannheim has set up his business model with VersionEye.


Is someone going to beat apple and google in the race towards developing the perfect mobile wallet? Right at the forefront: Stocard, a startup from Mannheim. The three founders David Handlos, Björn Goß and Florian Barth are currently working in the creative business center C-HUB on taking the next step with their globally successful customer card app.