Mannheim is a fashion city: brands such as Schumacher and Von Jungfeld started their journeys here, and new names are constantly arising. A very special success story is that of Liebesglück. In our interview marketing director Elena Engel has told us all about what makes Mannheim a fashion city of love, and how the Brand made its way to become an established name in the industry, in just two years.


Tina Cetrez, founder of the KALAIKA fashion brand, has reinvented the good old net bag, and has created a premium version of it. Currently, she is not only successfully designing handbags, but also jewelry and accessories. We met up to discuss ideas, her time at the university of Barcelona, and her studio in the Mannheim start-up center Textilerei.


As managing director of the Stuttgart innovation hub CODE_n, Moritz Gräter is a pioneer of digital transformation in Germany. CODE_n is expediting the development of digital innovations and business models — it is a triad, consisting of innovation spaces, innovative services and events. The new.New Festival, which takes places in the Schleyerhalle, in Stuttgart, is a melting pot for founders, digital pioneers and movers and shakers, from all over the globe.



Business management, promotion, consulting: A five-child family is nothing you would see as a side-project, just as little as anyone would do so with a start-up. Dr. Uta Meeder, the founder of MAOMI, sat down with us in her popup-showroom, in Mannheims inner city, to explain just how to balance such a situation.

The Sock Rocket

Five years ago Mannheim start-up von Jungfeld re-invented socks. Since the beginnings in the C-HUB start-up center von Jungfeld has become a cult brand, with 15 employees and prominent investors, such as Joko Winterscheidt. In their stylish office-loft, in the Turley Barracks in Mannheim, Maria Pentschev and Lucas Pulkert are preparing to launch the next rocket.