The craft beer bar in Jungbusch

Beer is to the Germans what pasta is to Italians. A few images to underline the idea: beer gardens, beer bellies and lederhosen. Enough cliché for you? Meanwhile the image of beer has changed substantially and the term craft beer has arisen. It’s not about downing excessive amounts of beer from giant mugs anymore, but about enjoyment and variety in taste. We’re beer fans ourselves and often prefer a few good beers over a bottle of wine. The craft beer movement reached Mannheim last year when the Taproom, a fine craft beer bar opened in Jungbusch, close to the C-Hub center for creative industry.

The Taproom is situated in a side street of the busy Jungbuschstraße and at first glance it feels just as any traditional bar does: an unpretentious but nice wooden counter with black barstools, small tables with comfortable chairs and modern, industrial lamps. Though here it’s all about the beer and the very heart of the bar is in plain sight: the taps behind the bar, that the Taproom owes its name to.


The taps aren’t just standard issue. Each one is individually hand-crafted and the styles range from vintage phone, to nintendo controller, bicycle chain or bowling pin. The beer varieties are constantly updated to keep things interesting for the thirsty client base. The Taproom offers 20 varieties of bottled beer and 12 brands on tap. Once a beer keg is empty a new kind is set up. And even gluten-free options are available.


We ordered a „beer test set“ that was presented on a special wooden tray. The first thing that caught our eye was the distinct visual differences the beers offered and so you know what you’re drinking each beer comes with a name-tag. Taste-wise the beers also showed a very wide palette, ranging from almost chocolaty, to fruity, to tangy and even sour. Our choice of the evening was Millionaire on tap. We very much enjoyed the bitter-chocolaty taste. For chocolate lovers like us it was a winner!


If you get hungry the Taproom has different arrangements of snacks, such as a selection of cheeses, pickles, tomatoes and fresh dark rye bread. The selection of deli meat was also quite delicious. So once you get hungry there is no reason to leave the bar.


In the end we were delighted with the fine selection of great beer and a friendly team that is always glad to provide advice if the range of tastes may seem overwhelming. The Taproom is a great place to spend a cosy evening when temperatures drop, but with its „Urban Beergarten“ just outside it offers authentic Mannheim city vibes in the summer as well.

Text: Johanna Wobbe / Mawayoflife
Pictures: Sebastian Weindel

Taproom Jungbusch
Craft Beer Bar Mannheim
Beilstraße 4, 68159 Mannheim

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