Style for Radisson Blu

Fashion designer Alexei Ballach designs the uniforms for the Radisson hotel staff

The Radisson Blu Hotel, a four star superior Hotel, opens on October 17 at the new Mannheim City Quarter Q 6,Q 7. It springs from the traditional philosophy of the operating company Diringer & Scheidel, to have the hotel uniforms designed in Mannheim. First contact was the TEXTILEREI, the Mannheim startup center for the Fashion and Garment Industry.

Nico Hofmeister, Head of the “Textilerei“, had the initial design ideas first developed by in-house start-ups. In the end, the final concept came from the Mannheim fashion designer Alexei Ballach. The style is derived from elements found in the design repertoire of pret á porter. The focus lies on an authentic application of a unique pattern design that transfers elements in the Radisson Blu uniform concept: for example, having a special comfortable everyday fit thanks to sophisticated solutions regarding “hidden” waist size adjustment (suitable for several waist sizes).

You can find a similar skillful play in the covered, worked-in closure system and the use of high-quality embroidering and printing; here, natural materials such as woolen fabrics, cotton and silk are used. Consciously contemporary minimalistic aesthetics reflect the basic principles of Alexei Ballach’s style. The Russian-born designer had worked for various labels until 2012. In Mannheim he developed his ideas for contemporary fashion in a quick series of collections, changing every three months. They are based on gender-neutral, no-seasonal, dark monochromatic and minimalistic design.

Bekleidungskonzept - radisson mannheim5

Here Anna Ameling adds a very special accessory for hotel staff uniforms: A scarf that picks up on the fact of Mannheim’s inner city square design as a motif and thus helps in an original way to explain their guests this unique feature of Mannheim.




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