Startup Financial Aid

Just reinvent the world

Our idea: making the startup city Mannheim even better – with a one-of-a-kind economic aid network. Getting started in Mannheim? This is how it works:


Free consulting services– with the EXI voucher

Why lose precious time? Why not talk with professionals right away, who can explain in detail what things to consider, do or rather not do when getting started. What is the right type of enterprise, where do I find appropriate office space,
and where can I apply for financial aid? These and many other questions are discussed in compact and intensive consulting meetings. And the best thing is: up to nine hours of consulting services are free!


Financing – with the financial aid program KREATECH

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-06 um 17.09.57Let’s face it: getting started costs money! That’s why the Department for Economic and Structural Aid came up with this wonderful financial aid program KREATECH that provides financial support for small and very small companies in the creative business or for technological companies. The grant is capped at a 50% maximum of investments eligible for financial aid and is at least 1,000 EUR but no more than 20,000 EUR.


Finding space – in eight specialized startup centers 

To start a fashion label is quite different from starting the next Facebook! Every startup needs a suitable and also inspiring environment. Here in Mannheim we realized that rather early in the game and so today we offer ideal conditions for business novices in our modern startup centers. Each center is dedicated to a special area of business- ranging from music to fashion to medical technology and information technology. And as an extra: you will meet other startups you can collaborate with and make contacts with people who speak your “lingo” and know the respective businesses like the back of their hand, willing and competent to give you good advice and help you networking.