Trauth Fabrikate

Modern workwear by Gabriel Franz Trauth and Marcel Hofmann

Mannheim fashion designer Gabriel Franz Trauth has reinvented the apron dress with his collection „The circle in quadra“, turning the item into a lifestyle statement for professional chefs and ambitious hobby cooks. Together with Marcel Hofmann he has founded the Trauth Fabrikate label, that has dedicated itself to developing and producing modern workwear. To find out how the label transforms work clothing into fashion pieces visit the Talk to-Interview. And we met up with Gabriel and Marcel to ask why they set up shop in Mannheim, and nowhere else.

Marcel Hofmann (left) and Gabriel Franz Trauth


What’s something you have always wanted to say about the city of Mannheim?

Gabriel: The truth really is – you cry twice: when you arrive here, and when you leave. Once you have connected to this city, you won’t want to let it go. It’s the way it is. I know no one that begs to differ.

Marcel: I’ve been here since I was in school. The city was always good to me, and I appreciate to have grown up here. Anyone interested in visiting Mannheim shouldn’t be deterred by the first rough touch down. On the other hand I have to say: you could very well shine your shoes once in a while, Mannheim!

It’s been a mere two years since Gabriel and Marcel started their label. By today top-chefs and established companies from all over Europe are among their clients. Learn all about their success story made in Mannheim in the Talk To-Video.



In which district do you live, and why?

Gabriel: I’m at home in Nekarstadt, as I love the district’s multicultural mix and can stay away from the busy city center. I like to work out in the Herzogenried-Park or along the Neckars grasslands. To end the evening on a classic note I like to relax on the terrace of the Adria café.

Marcel: After having lived here for some time I back out of Mannheim at the moment. I’m a big fan of the Schwetzinger Stadt. i like its charm and central location. Every once in a while it will draw me back there, in particular to family-owned cafés and bars, such as the Lido.


What is something interesting for tourists in Mannheim?

Gabriel: Many things are! The city can’t offer a picture-perfect idyll, which is the reason many visitors of Heidelberg won’t visit here. What they are missing out on is experiencing a unique urban mix: from art nouveau gems all the way to industrial charm.

Marcel: Mannheim is a melting pot of different cultures and varied interests. The city has a lot more to offer than you expect at a first glance. It’s hard to shake the working-class city image. On a closer look, however, one will will find the inner beauty that Mannheim hides.

What do you guys show friends that come to visit?

Gabriel: We will always visit the creative business center C-HUB at the port, and of course the Textilerei. Most people are astonished by what the city has to offer for start-ups. A walk along the Rhine Promenade is up next. And in the evening you have to go to Jungbusch – and this will take place in the following order: Hagestolz, Blau, Onkel Otto Bar and finally Rhodos.

Marcel: I can only agree with Gabriel, but would like to add a trip to the city’s landmarks the water tower and castle.



Where do you like to go for dinner? Any tips?

Gabriel: Henriette Burger has the best burgers in town. For great tapas visit Zweite Liebe and for lunch hit Glück und Verstand. To grab an espresso and a panini I recommend Café Prag. After that you can always check out Café Rizz, a classic bar that still allows one to have a smoke.

Marcel: I concur. And can also add Café Lido and Emma Wolf, in Q 6 Q 7, to the list. Dennis Maiers Cooking Gang is cooking there wearing our gear. Le Comptoir 17 and the newly opened Fundament are also great spots to check out.



How is Mannheim often underestimated?

Gabriel: Economic strength! Cultural offerings!

Marcel: I imagine the dynamic start-up scene here is often underestimated, as well as the extensive range of events offered, and the access to business networks and funders. I find there to be a great deal of readiness to help and open-mindedness here in Mannheim. Start-up culture is a natural component of urban policy.


Interview: Paul Heesch / LA.MAG Content. Corporate. Communication.

Video-Interview: Nico Hoffmeister / Textilerei

Photos: Ricardo Wiesinger

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