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We develop Mannheim´s startup-ecosystem


startup-mannheim.de is the umbrella brand for Mannheims startup support. The web page serves as a central communication channel for the mg:gmbh, a municipal subsidiary, to inform new entrepreneurs and investors from Germany and the rest of the world about what is going on in the startup-city Mannheim.

Mannheim offers a unique startup eco-system in an inspiring urban environment and an increasing number of young companies have begun mapping out the future from here.

The mg:gmbh manages eight startup centers, offering 28.000 square meters of office space. A diverse spectrum of 300 startups are based here, including music, creative and fashion businesses, ranging all the way to information technology, medical engineering and many different tech startups.


The place for Mannheim’s new working class: The C-HUB startup center in the waterfront Jungbusch district.


It is our mission to dynamically develop Mannheim’s startup eco-system and further push the regional and national recognition as a „Startup-City“. To achieve this goal, we create optimal conditions for funding, financing operations, counseling, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and networking. An important location factor is a network of global industry players with close links to mid-tier businesses and universities. BASF, SAP, MVV, Roche, John Deere, Daimler-Benz, Bombardier, Bilfinger or ADM/Wild constitute only a small cross-section of the internationally operating groups in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

mg:gmbh also supports cultural development in the city by coordinating and connecting issues such as startup culture, digitization, art, creative industries and urban society. By doing so we create attractive urban landscapes and neighborhoods that make life really worth living for founders in Mannheim.


Smart Production, Industry 4.0., medical technology, information technologies or virtual reality: Mannheim is a very active player in the most relevant innovation sectors.


Be it the Mannheim school of classical music, the Pop Academy and Music Park or the renowned band „Söhne Mannheims“: this city knows its music and has been a UNESCO City of Music since 2014. The Mannheim Music Commission is a central contact for musicians and the music industry, both nationally and internationally.


The city has been a pioneer and innovator of support initiatives in the creative business in Germany for the last 15 years. Functioning as a one-stop agency the CREATIVE COMMISSION MANNHEIM takes care of all the aspects regarding the cultural and creative industry. It provides advice for creatives, procures and rents out suitable work spaces, establishes networks, develops and organizes innovative events for an exchange of knowledge and for presentation techniques, creates access to markets, supplies suitable funding programs and helps find the right production partners and locations in Mannheim and the region. United under the umbrella of the CREATIVE COMMISSION MANNHEIM are the focus area management of the cultural and creative industry, the creative industry centers ALTES VOLKSBAD, C-HUB and TEXTILEREI, as well as the Film Commission Nordbaden.

THE CREATIVE COMMISSION MANNHEIM is a division of mg: mannheimer gründungszentren gmbh.

The Team:

Frank Zumbruch
Cultural Economy Officer, Head of Creative Commission Mannheim
Email: zumbruch@startup-mannheim.de

Julia Sattler
Community Managerin Altes Volksbad – Creative Business
Email: sattler@startup-mannheim.de

Nico Hoffmeister
Community Manager TEXTILEREI – Startup Center for Fashion and Textile Industry & Community Manager C-HUB Creative Business Center Mannheim
Email: hoffmeister@startup-mannheim.de

Michael Ackermann
Projectmanager Film Commission Nordbaden
Email: ackermann@filmcommission-nordbaden.de


Mannheim stands for diversity and tolerance. 178 nationalities live and work here in peaceful coexistence. The city in on the way to becoming an international hub for startup business. Close cooperations are constantly being strengthened with Tel Aviv (Israel), Haifa (Israel), Berlin, Haidien (Peking/China) and Qingdao (China).

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