Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar

Mannheim is more than Mannheim

When you are living in Mannheim you will realize there is more to this city than meets the eye! You are surrounded. By cities like Heidelberg. By the Platinate. By vineyards on rolling hills. By the Odenwald.  Where magnificent nature meets urban culture. That’s pretty inspiring – and also quite unique.

What does it take to recharge your creative batteries? Running trails next to your house? Biking routes and hiking trails in one of the most expansive swath of forest in Germany? Or maybe the hilly vineyards – so pretty it makes you want to reinvent the picture postcard? And don’t forget the almost Mediterranean climate. Wherever you go you’ll find sports, culture, an openness to the world and world class competence.

Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar Comprehensive information on the region: investing and doing business, studying and doing research, living and experiencing.

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