Mannheim-Style in Berlin


End of June the Mannheim TEXTILEREI presented exciting Mannheim fashion labels in Berlin …

For an entire week, the Fashion Week turned Berlin into an international Mecca enjoyed by the fashion community and enthusiasts from all over the world. The more than 50,000 trade visitors and buyers per year make the Panorama Berlin the most important fashion platform, reflecting the zeitgeist of more than 700 major fashion and lifestyle brands and labels.

With the NOVA CONCEPT – a new emotional world of trending men’s and women’s fashion collections combined with creative merchandizing ideas, art and music – TEXTILEREI presented its “Fashion & Design made in Mannheim“ at a 75 sq.ft. fair stand.

Among those present was hetje, a label that re-interprets the patchwork idea, creates unique items from old textiles and clothes, presented skirts, kimonos and personalized throw blankets. Carokissen is a high-quality, colorful, personalized and expandable multi-purpose cushion with a pocket, four buttons, lettering appliqués and a red thread. The design of the cushion is trademark-protected. The cushions are made manually and with loving care here in Germany by workers with physical and mental handicaps.

For Anna Nickel, born and raised in Moscow, fashion is a form of visualizing art. She unifies art and fashion in her extravagant but yet low-key minimalistic women’s collections under the same name. The Kalaika label was presented in the same hall at their own booth with a line of hand-knotted net bags and accessories.

The start-ups were accompanied by three other young Mannheim fashion labels: Goldgarn Denim stands for women’s and men’s jeans designed in Mannheim with their jeans models bear the name of individual city quarters in Mannheim. Stilheld re-designs military attire from various origins and pro-actively wants to take a stand for peace. Réduit exemplifies contemporary Fashion with the look of the avant-garde.

So, housed under one roof, TEXTILEREI put forward the unified power of Mannheim’s fashion expertise and sent a clear signal to Berlin and the rest of the world. “This development is great if you consider that there actually hadn’t been any startup center for the Fashion and Garment Industry eight months before and Mannheim was rarely associated with fashion and design.” comments Nico Hoffmeister, Head of the TEXTILEREI center, happily.

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