ku.bus Tour OCT 12TH, 2017

A networking-bus-trip for founders and entrepreneurs

On October 12th the news portal „Kurpfalz Business Briefing“ (ku.bus) is inviting company representatives and founders from the region to take part in a very special bus trip. „Direct contact and expert dialog are our main focus“, says Oliver Brümmer, who initiated the trip. „In a relaxed atmosphere the trip offers the opportunity to exchange views on current technological trends in the region, to discover things one has in common and to establish new partnerships.“ During the course of the day the ku.bus-Tour will visit the MVV AG in Mannheim, the e-mobility start-up Coboc in Heidelberg, TSG Hoffenheim in Sinsheim, as well as Weldebräu GmbH & Co. KG in Plankstadt. During a lunch break the participants will be given an introduction into the operations of the start-ups mentored by the start-up institute of the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg. And to complete the trip one can enjoy a burger and some beers in the start-up-bar in the basin of the Freischwimmer in Ludwigshafen and recapitulate everything the day has brought with it.

Company representatives and founders can sign up for the ku.bus-Tour here: https://www.businessbriefing.de/kubus-tour/

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1063336080464261

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