A new level of comfort in the Anti-Café

The idea seems as ambitious as it seems simple: after finishing uni, Caro and Swetlana from Mannheim were keen on rethinking the idea of food service from the ground up, with their startup Klokke. Since 2017 the Anti-Café in Mittelstraße offers a fresh concept that invites „everyone“ to come in and „stay a while, chat, play or work“.

Find your place to sit, check the menu, place your order? Not in here! Everything is different than one might be accustomed to from other cafés. Customers are greeted in person by the female graduates and founders, Caro and Swetlana. „In our café you can help yourself to anything in the kitchen, or even bring along own stuff. You pay for the time you spend here. The first hour is 5 Euros, the second 3 Euros and the third is only 2 Euros.“

Time tracking accurately to the second? Of course not! Klokke stands for deceleration.  A card is stamped by a time clock, just like in the good old times. And then all you have to do is find a cozy place between the play area and the window front. Home baked cake and small dishes, fresh fruit and veggies are waiting, neatly arranged on trays and in bowls. Kinda feels like a shared flat – only difference: the fridge is always stocked!

The large circle of chairs in the back is free at the moment, but shortly the sci-fi round-table will be meeting here. True to the Klokke motto „together is better than alone“, everyday a colorful bunch of people assembles in the café, to exchange ideas and discuss the widest variety of issues. Be it startup meetings with folks from the neighboring startup-center Altes Volksbad, a math or astronomy circle, or even knitting and crocheting events – Klokke has everything to offer, that a modern urban mind from Neckarstadt could ever wish up. The cafés website is always updated to help find out what is going on.

This concept of „gastronomic sharing“ is both innovative and clever. For those looking for chair circles, Sunday TV crime thrillers as a public viewing event, with a nice cup of tea, will discover the ideal co-chill-out space here at Klokke – and everyone else can sit back and relax in this new cozy space in the Mannheim Neckarstadt-West.

Mittelstraße 19, 68169 Mannheim,
Monday thru Sunday, 9am till 9pm

Text: Andreas Stanita  / LA.MAG
Photos: Sebastian Weindel

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