Startup Interview


Mannheim knows its music. In the UNESCO City of Music one can study music – and learn about how the business works. Popakademie alumni Danny Fresh and Sebastian Henzl explain why Mannheim is the place to not only dream about music, but to really live it. The guys also explain how they are currently aiming for the stars, with their start-ups and their project “Song-Dock”.


From a start-up to a leading medical technology company – in merely four years: Stefan Baur and Alexander Strifler have developed a very sophisticated IT service for the medical imaging field, with which they are quite successful. We met up for an interview in the CUBEX41 start-up center, located on the site of the Mannheim university hospital.


Three young Popakademie students are developing the app Groovecat, with their music start-up elceedee UG. The app allows you to capture personal music moments. We sat down for an interview with one of the founders, as well as CTO Joshua Weikert and developer Laurin Quast.


Ethnic marketing? A good idea in a city like Mannheim, which unites people from over 170 nations. What one could see as a little Mesopotamia, between the Rhine and Neckar, is the perfect place for Qamar Zamans and Sherry Kizhukandayils agency za:media to incubate their campaign ideas. We sat down with the two founders, that come from an Indian, as well as Pakistani Background, in their office in Mannheim.


What once might have felt like a niche trend, has become a serious movement: All over Germany a new class of creatives is rediscovering craftsmanship, creating high-quality handmade products, in urban manufacturing shops. Honeycamp will become both a workspace and community for these crafty modern folk. We met for a talk on the incarnation of their idea – and how it is intended to help creative workers. 

The Sock Rocket

Five years ago Mannheim start-up von Jungfeld re-invented socks. Since the beginnings in the C-HUB start-up center von Jungfeld has become a cult brand, with 15 employees and prominent investors, such as Joko Winterscheidt. In their stylish office-loft, in the Turley Barracks in Mannheim, Maria Pentschev and Lucas Pulkert are preparing to launch the next rocket.

Music Commission

A deejay, a singer and a guitar player … even as a band the Music Commission from Mannheim would present an interesting cross-over project. But Steffen Baumann, Beril Yilmam and Pascal König don’t share the stage. As a one-stop agency for musicians, they orchestrate the sound of Mannheim – the UNESCO City of Music.


This digital agency from Mannheim is all about performance marketing. To find out how this idea transformed into a successful corporation with over 60 employees, we sat down with founder Denis Lademann. Over a plate of lasagna and a soda pop, at Italian restaurant Da Mauro in the city, we got the whole story.