Henriette Burger Bar

A burger joint in Mannheim´s hood Jungbusch

Beilstraße 5 – 6.30 PM: The bars and pubs around are still yet to set up for the night. Soft light pours through the windows and graces the evening. But anyone that thought it might work out without a reservation better think again – this joint is fully booked.

The sweet smell of meat lingers in the air and entices the tummy. From the vintage, grandma-style kitchen seductive bubbling and fizzling sounds make their way to the ear. A very concentrated owner Marvin almost resembles Spongebob as he flips his juicy patties.


His „Partner in Grease“, Marco is taking care of seating guests that didn’t quite make it in time in the so called „living room“. This affectionately arranged and plushy atmosphere is just right for those who decided on the spur of the moment to wait it out. In the meantime one can enjoy scrumptiously mixed Gin & Tonic or Moscow Mule till a table opens up.

Henriette, Henry or Veggie? Once seated things move on swiftly. One can choose from 120 or 180 grams of high-quality, delicately seasoned, medium fried beef or the homemade veggie burger made according to a specially formulated recipe. These burgers are pleasantly traditional and not insincerely exotic. The sesame and multi-grain buns are made fresh daily in a local bakery.


The fries are super-thin and fried to a crisp – Frittjes-Style. For an additional charge there is a selection of homemade mayonnaises available. The different flavors are served in little jelly jars and vary from mildly sweet&sour to nuclear tastebud attack.

With the hand selected ingredients and their passion for a balance of flavors it seems that Marco und Marvin must be pros with years of experience. The truth is quite the contrary: in their past life these guys were workmates at „Peek und Cloppen-Burger“.


So in the end the burger-hype over the past few years has brought something good to the city: two guys decided to quit the mundane grind and began to grind some beef and show the established burger-makers how it’s done – awesome!

Text: Andreas Stanita
Pictures: Sebastian Weindel & Andreas Stanita

Henriette Burger Bar
Tel. 0621 32697872
Beilstraße 5
68159 Mannheim

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