Fortune & Wits

Delicious. Fair. Happy.

How much fortune and wits (Glück & Verstand) do you need to open a restaurant that offers high quality and delicious food at fair prices? A lot of both! The name of this little restaurant directly opposite the startup center gig 7 couldn’t have been better chosen.

Guests feel welcome immediately as the young owners, Sarah and Max, take very good care of everyone. The bright wooden floor radiates warmth and bouquets of fresh flowers create a charming atmosphere.


One could say it feels like a cozy living room, without kitsch, but with an eye for playful details: carbon fiber lamps bathe the room in pleasant light and accentuate the red brick wall by the bar and the rustic wooden tables, as well as the vintage mint-green sofa.


Sarah and Max have fulfilled a childhood dream with the restaurant, and one can feel the happiness it brings them when visiting. From the get-go you will also see that the „wits“ of this operation are pure skill. Both Sarah and Max have gathered years of experience in the field. She worked as Barkeeper and waitress and he honed his craft as a chef in several starred kitchens.

The menu offers many new and intriguing taste experiences, and good variety, without being overpowering. All dishes are home-made using fresh ingredients and offer a range of vegetarian and vegan choices. This seasonally changing menu awaits you with great contrasts.


Many guests have said they never had better vegetarian Swabian ravioli as these, that are made using minced soy and served on apple and celery. And meat-lovers should take note of the delightful braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes, turnips and shallots.


An important note for anyone on the look-out for good lunch offers: a daily-changing lunch menu offers a vegetarian/vegan course as well as a fish or a meat course. A great opportunity to meet up with fellow founders or colleagues — and take an enjoyable break from everyday life. Our wits tell us: this is quite the fortune!


Text: Johanna Wobbe / Mawayoflife
Pictures: Sebastian Weindel

Glück & Verstand
H7 30
68159 Mannheim

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