El Lobo

El Lobo - A Tapas Bar in Neckarstadt

When it comes to tapas, the bite-sized delicious Spanish snacks, quality really separates the wheat from the chaff; or should one say, the olive from the stone. Since last year, there is a great Tapas Bar in Mannheim: the El Lobo.

El Lobo is situated in an old Art Nouveau building in the Lange Rötterstraße in Neckarstadt-East, just 10 minutes by foot from the startup center Altes Volksbad in Neckarstadt-West.


The bar is a cosy affair which is fully intended to create vivid interaction amongst the guests. Besides the classics such as pickled olives, tortilla or
patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce), El Lobo also offers Spanish specialities such as pickled anchovies, goat cheese with apricot and honey, chorizo in a cider-based sauce and king prawns in olive oil with garlic aioli.


It can be hard to stop once you’ve started in El Lobo, as one can feel the love and a commitment in every detail. The selection of wines changes on a regular basis and the owners, Marcelo and Tobi will gladly assist you in finding the right wine for your meal. In any case the warmth and hospitality of the the El Lobo team was a real highlight – just as one would wish for in a Tapas Bar. It’s just the right place for a relaxing evening after a productive day at work.

P.S. We strongly recommend making a reservation in advance.


Text: Johanna Wobbe / Mawayoflife
Pictures: Sebastian Weindel

El Lobo
Tel. 0621 43669898
Lange Rötterstraße 62
68167 Mannheim

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