Dankbar Café

Relax while doing something good

Caught between making it barely on time for your job and a deadline breathing down your neck, being grateful is severely short-changed these days. With their Dankbar (the Gratitude Bar) Verena and Max Freudenberg have created something very idealistic and never seen before in Mannheim

We often lose sight of the reality that in this neck of the woods we are so much better off than most other people on this planet. But now, finally, we have a place to go if we simply feel it is time to be grateful: the Dankbar, the Gratitude Bar. The name says it all! But it is so much more: a bar, a café, a snack bar and a venue for cultural events of any kind

The Dankbar is tucked away in a very picturesque backyard of the Startup Center GIG7 in close proximity to the happening Jungbusch by the harbor. Whoever turns a corner to walk into the Dankbar leaves behind stress, pressure and the humdrum of city life. Get a load off your feet and drop into one of the comfy sofas and chairs under colorful awnings set up in one corner of the yard.

Inside you’re a greeted by a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. There is a little bar to sit at and opposite it some easy chairs next to a little stage perfect for poetry slammers or even a rock band.




What exactly makes the Dankbar so idealistic? Very simple: It works on the pay-what-you-need idea. Patrons themselves decide how much they are willing to pay for their drinks, food or for the performing artists. The menu carries drinks, small snacks and other dishes and changes daily. Everything from tomato-mozzarella salads to pumpkin soup with salmon to citrus cake is fresh and delicious.




There is a big jar in front of the bar where the guests can put their donations. At the end of the month, the money is split into equal parts and goes to three social projects. Max and Verena keep only what’s necessary to cover overhead and their living expenses. The social projects change every month so that many projects have the chance of being supported. So, going to the Dankbar means doing some good for others!

Max and Verena are big supporters of the local cultural scene and give artists the opportunity to perform in front of a Mannheim audience. Events of the Start-up Center supplement the Dankbar’s stage and exhibition program.




In the meantime this brand-new and courageous Dankbar concept has become the talk of the town and more and more people agree with the Dankbar founders in how important it is not only to take – but also to give.

Text: Johanna Wobbe / Mawayoflife
Pictures: Sebastian Weindel

G7, 22
68159 Mannheim
Email: kultur@dankbar-mannheim.de
Tram: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
Station: Dalbergstraße (2), Marktplatz (1, 3, 4, 5, 7)
Opening hours: Mo.-We..: 4.00-9.00 p.m. and Thu.-Sa.: 4.00-12.00 p.m.



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