Female’s Favor{IT}e Conference

Connecting Women in a Digital World

The Female’s Favor{IT}e Conference on February 3rd, 2018 at MAFINEX Technology-Center is designed to be a great opportunity for women of all ages and professional backgrounds to come together, to learn about technology, and to exchange experiences on various tech-topics as well as on how to be a successful SHEBOSS. No matter if you are still in school or already retired, if you are an expert software engineer or don’t know anything about technology at all – as long as you are curious, eager to learn and open to meeting new people, you are welcome at our conference.

The one-day program will be encompassing different short-talks, workshops, a panel discussion and opportunities to chill and connect. In line with the motto „Connecting Women in a Digital World” will cover topics on currently hyped technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality. In order to accommodate different levels of experience the talks and workshops will be divided into two tracks – one for getting the overview and the other for diving deep into the topics. Thus, the overview track will address questions like „What is Blockchain and how does it work?” or „What is Virtual and Augmented Reality and where is the difference?“, while the deep dive track will focus more on actual examples of application.

Currently the conference is still in the progress of planning the event, so stay tuned for updates on speakers and the specific program features – everything will be published on HackerstolzWomen or the facebook event. If you have questions, send us an email: info@hackerstolz.de or get your ticket now.


Photo: © Hackerstolz e.V.

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