The „Vibrosonic-Aktor“ is the first ever speaker in a hearing device that is developed using microsystem technology – and Vibrosonic is the name of the Mannheim startup applying this tech to develop high-end hearing solutions that can be worn invisibly. We met the two founders Jonathan Schächtele and Dominik Kaltenbacher for an interview in the medical technology center Cubex 41. Open House

You have an idea and you are looking for a possibility to make it real? Or you just want to meet nice people? open house is the space for makers and creatives at the Hochschule Mannheim. Join one of the three upcoming events from 30th of November until 14th of December.


The Gründerbar continues with the already 11th edition. For the last issue this year, the founders have once again selected a fancy location and top speakers for you.


The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is about to become even more interesting for start-ups: the fresh Up2b accelerator program is a joint venture consisting of three strong partners. Coming from from Mannheim, Walldorf and Heidelberg, they have united to provide better support for start-ups.

Cultural city development

There were times when he played the violin in an orchestra, and others when he played bass in a punk band. When studying he incorporated both liberal arts and business administration into his curriculum. With this in mind it is not surprising that interfaces and intersections are his field of expertise today – and cultural city development is his mission. We sat down with Matthias Rauch in Mannheim Jungbusch for an interview.

MCEI Founder Talk

Meet Christian Wiens of GetSafe at Café L3 and gather insights from the founder of the insurance startup based in Heidelberg. He will talk about the process of starting up his venture and how to manage change.


Surveys are great for scientific progress — but only with enough participants. With his platform SurveyCircle Jonas Johé is dedicated to finding the right participants for scientists and startups – and has discovered a market niche in the process. we met up for an interview with this business economist, marketing expert and Mannheim resident, in the bauteil.b coworking space. 


Tobias Günther is a geek, a professor of computer science at DHBW Mannheim, and founder of Elaspix, a fairly successful online 3D-configurator. At the same time Tobias is quite good at table tennis, has printed the Mannheim water tower in 3D, and can drive a tank. We met up to talk about Star Wars, Mannheim, evolution and artificial intelligence.


They love a good story in the business world, and with their regional blog ku.bus, which they started in 2016, they might be taking on Handelsblatt some fine day. At the moment the guys in charge, Oliver Brümmer and Wolf Müller-Christmann, are in the process of expanding their business model. So it’s about time we met Oliver and Wolf for an interview.


His first startup didn’t work out, but his second attempt kicked off a successful career as a business angel. With his Good Brands AG Mannheim resident Matthias Storch invests in good ideas and brands — but he just can’t stop starting up himself. We met the man in the concept store of his lifestyle brand BUTIQ in Quartier Q 6 Q 7, to sit down for an interview, and talked about the thin line between success and failure, pesky elevator pitches, and how Mannheim is ahead of other start-up cities such as Berlin.


Graduating from secondary school by the age of 17, a bachelors degree by 21 and a masters degree a year later — this is the norm in universities nowadays. Three young founders have made it their goal to help save school graduates and university students from burning out, by creating customized crash courses. Wellcome to the hive of the Studybees.


Felix Kollmar and David Amann founded their firm Licobo and developed the software solution “CloudRail“ – for maximum data security and functioning intersections. We met up with Felix in the Mafinex technology centre to find out what makes „CloudRail“ so unique.

Talk To! August 3rd 2017

In this addition of TALK TO! the commission has invited Gabriel Trauth and Marcel Hofmann of trauth fabrikate. The label that the two founders created is dedicated to the development and production of modern workwear.

Maifeld Derby

Readers of music magazine Intro ranked the Mannheim Maifeld Derby as the second best festival in Germany. We sat down with the organizer of the festival, Timo Kumpf, to talk about the future of the Derby, his concert agency Karakter Live and his own experiences as a founder in Mannheim. 

The city that knows music

Since 2014 Mannheim is a UNESCO City of Music. The application process was managed by Rainer Kern, who has experience as a founder in the regional music scene from creating the Enjoy Jazz festival. We met the man in Mannheim for an espresso, between two international key note speeches he was giving to present Mannheim as a music and startup city.


The digital revolution? Is everywhere! Only with well organized change processes can businesses be successful today – and Mannheim start-up PulseShift offers the necessary software for the job: the five former SAP employees have developed an algorithm that creates valuable real-time analyses from survey data for decision-makers.


Christiane Illius, Jessica Padmanabhan and Helga Behrmann connected while studying in Mannheim. Today they run the fashion label SOOME and their EcoShowroom with a clear vision: the perfect alliance of style and sustainability.


Anyone developing software today will most likely not be writing all the code himself. A lot is solved using programming modules, so called open source components. Taking this fact into account Robert Reiz from Mannheim has set up his business model with VersionEye.

Q-Summit April 19.-21.

The Q-Summit (19.04. – 21.04.2017) at the University of Mannheim, is the first founding and innovation conference, initiated by students, intending to bridge the gap between succesful coorporations and dynamic startups.


The Time Warp attracts more than 15,000 fans of electronic music each year to Mannheim on April 1st. It is business as usual for Steffen Charles and Robin Ebinger. Their company Cosmopop has developed into a world-leading event agency. A conversation about the love of music – and the reasons of founding.

El Lobo

When it comes to tapas, the bite-sized delicious Spanish snacks, quality really separates the wheat from the chaff; or should one say, the olive from the stone. Since last year, there is a great Tapas Bar in Mannheim: the El Lobo.


Is someone going to beat apple and google in the race towards developing the perfect mobile wallet? Right at the forefront: Stocard, a startup from Mannheim. The three founders David Handlos, Björn Goß and Florian Barth are currently working in the creative business center C-HUB on taking the next step with their globally successful customer card app.


With the start-up Monomer Thomas Mrokon, a classically trained architect and designer, has revolutionized jewelry design. Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and CAD-software his team create intricate pieces unthinkable in traditional goldsmithing.

Opal Analytics

Every day supermarkets and bakeries waste tonnes of food. Marc Huber and Alexander Gossmann have made it their mission to fight this madness with their start-up Opal Analytics, by developing software that allows businesses to use real-time analytics to precisely forecast the day-to-day requirements.


VRmagic, founded in 2001 in Mannheim, is a pioneering force in the area of virtual realty simulators for eye specialists. In our interview co-founder and management board member Dr. Markus Schill tells us how the firm became a global leader and why Mannheim is an ideal home for dynamic business growth.


Mannheims new co-working space “BauteilB” has made the tech centre MAFINEX it’s home. It welcomes and invites you to live, work, to be inspired, to network and to push your ideas and projects forward.

Mix the City

Mannheim proudly presents: Mix the City, the international music project. More exciting information about the project, artists, venues and a lot more: or by using the hashtag #MixTheCityMannheim. Listen to the soundtrack here.

Afterwork at gig7 13.10.2016

The next Afterwork Event on October 13, 2016 at the startup center offers a panel discussion of the more provocative kind. Barbara Limbeck (Head of the Center gig7), Kim Burzan (owner of Business Culture Consulting) and Dr. Simone Burel (owner of LU-Linguistische Unternehmenskommunikation – see pictures) will opine on the topic: “And that was it? Or how […]

Style for Radisson Blu

The Radisson Blu Hotel, a four star superior Hotel, opens on October 17 at the new Mannheim City Quarter Q 6,Q 7. It springs from the traditional philosophy of the operating company Diringer & Scheidel, to have the hotel uniforms designed in Mannheim. First contact was the TEXTILEREI, the Mannheim startup center for the Fashion […]

IOXP: Digital Insights

The Augmented Reality experts of ioxp know what the digital future of business is going to look like, how to intrigue Business Angels – and how to look at Mannheim not only through digital glasses. Nils, you started ioxp as a research project in Kaiserslautern, but moved your spin-off to Mannheim. Why? Nils Petersen: We […]

Against Denial

The Mannheim photographer and filmmaker Luigi Toscano, who produces his work at the Mannheim startup center Altes Volksbad, contributes with his installation “Against Denial” on September 28 to the Ukrainian commemoration in remembrance of the mass killing of the Jewish population in Kiev at the hands of the German army 75 years ago. The Head […]

The Network Smart Production

The Mannheim MAFINEX Technology-Center is joining the new Netzwerk Smart Produktion that officially has now started with 28 partners. This is going to make the metropolitan area Rhine –Neckar an international hotspot for digitalization and Industry 4.0. From innovative startups to manufacturing mid-sized companies to three universities and global players from this region, the entire […]

Mannheim-Style in Berlin

End of June the Mannheim TEXTILEREI presented exciting Mannheim fashion labels in Berlin … For an entire week, the Fashion Week turned Berlin into an international Mecca enjoyed by the fashion community and enthusiasts from all over the world. The more than 50,000 trade visitors and buyers per year make the Panorama Berlin the most important fashion platform, […]


Looking for the perfect spot to start your own business? We will be happy to consult you and help you decide if one of our eight Startup Centers with a total of 28.000 square meters office space suits you and we will connect you to the right people for a successful start of your entrepreneurship. Contact us – dial: ++49 (0)621 […]

Founder Talk 21.02.2017

Meet serial entrepreneur and investor Claude Ritter at the next Founder Talk that´s been hosted with the ifm Förderkreis at C-HUB. Claude will share lots of insights about his vast entrepreneurial experience.